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Type Fighting

Fighting-type Pokémon learn specifically labeled fighting melee attacks, such as punches and kicks. Many fighting type Pokémon resemble humans in some way. Fighting types are often assocatiated with martial arts, athletics, and physical training. They usually focus on attack, rather than defense. The Fighting type is the only type that has not been paired with a Flying-type in a Pokémon. Fighting-types are resistant to Bug-types. 

Abilities of Fighting Pokémon


Dream World

Fighting Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
056 Mankey 057 Primeape    
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 062 Poliwrath Water; Only Poliwrath is Fighting
066 Machop 067 Machoke 068 Machamp  
236 Tyrogue 106 Hitmonlee    
107 Hitmonchan    
237 Hitmontop    
214 Heracross     Bug
Template:Not from type 256 Combusken 257 Blaziken Fire; Only Torchic isn't Fighting
Template:Not from type 286 Breloom   Grass; Only Shroomish isn't Fighting
296 Makuhita 297 Hariyama    
307 Meditite 308 Medicham   Psychic
Template:Not from type 391 Monferno 392 Infernape Fire; Only Chimchar isn't Fighting
447 Riolu 448 Lucario   Only Lucario is Steel
453 Croagunk 454 Toxicroak   Poison
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 475 Gallade Psychic; Only Gallade is Fighting
Template:Not from type 499 Pignite 500 Emboar Fire; Only Tepig isn't Fighting
532 Timburr 533 Gurdurr 534 Conkeldurr  
538 Throh      
539 Sawk      
559 Scraggy 560 Scrafty   Dark
619 Mienfoo 620 Mienshao    
638 Cobalon     Steel
639 Terrakion     Rock
640 Virizion     Grass
647 Keldeo     Water
648A Meloetta     (Step Forme) Normal

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