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Machoke XY
Type Fighting

The Fighting type (かくとうタイプ Kakutō taipu in Japanese) is one of the eighteen Pokémon elemental types.

Pokémon of this type are specialists melee attacks, such as punches and kicks. It could be said they're the opposite to Psychic-type Pokémon because these depend on Special attacks, while the ones of the Fighting type depend on Physical attacks.

Most Fighting-type Pokémon have a human-like body shape, this is because martial arts and so are mostly practiced by humans.

Fighting-type Pokémon have varied ways to evolve, this is because it represents a fighter going on a journey to get stronger and find who he is supposed to be.

Famous Fighting-type Pokémon trainers include Bruno, the second member of the Kanto and Johto Elite Four; Chuck, Gym Leader of the Johto region; Brawly, a Hoenn Gym Leader; Maylene, Gym Leader of Sinnoh; Marshal, a member of the Unova Elite Four; and Korrina, a Gym Leader of the Kalos region.

Type Effectiveness

Generation I


Super Effective Against:NormalRockIce
Not Very Effective:PoisonFlyingBugPsychic
No effect on:Ghost


Resistance Against:BugRock
Weak Against:FlyingPsychic
Unaffected by:None

Generation II-V


Super Effective Against:NormalRockSteelIceDark
Not Very Effective:PoisonFlyingBugPsychic
No effect on:Ghost


Resistance Against:BugDarkRock
Weak Against:FlyingPsychic
Unaffected by:None

Generation VI


Super Effective Against:NormalRockSteelIceDark
Not Very Effective:PoisonFlyingBugPsychicFairy
No effect on:None


Resistance Against:RockDarkBug
Weak Against:FlyingPsychicFairy
Unaffected by:None

Abilities of Fighting Pokémon



Known Fighting Pokémon Trainers

Black BeltHGSSsprite Bruno(HGSS)Sprite Chuck(B2W2)Sprite BrawlyB2W2sprite MayleneB2W2 Marshal Korrina Yoshihiro Ranmaru pokemon
Former Kanto Gym Leader Kiyo Kanto/Johto Elite Four Bruno Johto Gym Leader Chuck Hoenn Gym Leader Brawly Sinnoh Gym Leader Maylene Unova Elite Four Marshal Kalos Gym Leader Korrina Pugilis Warlord Yoshihiro Warlord Servant Ranmaru

Fighting Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type and info
056 Mankey 057 Primeape    
Poliwag Poliwhirl 062 Poliwrath Water; Only Poliwrath is Fighting
066 Machop 067 Machoke 068 Machamp  
236 Tyrogue 106 Hitmonlee    
107 Hitmonchan    
237 Hitmontop    
150MMewtwo     Psychic; Only Mega Mewtwo X is Fighting
214214M Heracross     Bug
Torchic 256 Combusken 257257M Blaziken Fire; Only Torchic isn't Fighting
285 Shroomish 286 Breloom   Grass; Only Shroomish isn't Fighting
296 Makuhita 297 Hariyama    
307 Meditite 308308M Medicham   Psychic
Chimchar 391 Monferno 392 Infernape Fire; Only Chimchar isn't Fighting
Buneary Lopunny Normal; Only Mega Lopunny is part Fighting
447 Riolu 448448M Lucario   Only Lucario is Steel
453 Croagunk 454 Toxicroak   Poison
Ralts Kirlia 475 Gallade Psychic; Only Gallade is Fighting
493 Arceus Fist Plate
Tepig 499 Pignite 500 Emboar Fire; Only Tepig isn't Fighting
532 Timburr 533 Gurdurr 534 Conkeldurr  
538 Throh      
539 Sawk      
559 Scraggy 560 Scrafty   Dark
619 Mienfoo 620 Mienshao    
638 Cobalon     Steel
639 Terrakion     Rock
640 Virizion     Grass
647 Keldeo     Water
648A Meloetta     Normal; Step Forme
Chespin Quilladin 652 Chesnaught Grass; Only Chesnaught is part Fighting
674 Pancham 675 Pangoro Dark; Only Pangoro is part Dark
701 Hawlucha Flying

Delta Species Fighting Pokémon

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