For the variant appearing in the games, see Fennel.

Fennel is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


Fennel has long, dark blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a white lab coat, pink shoes, a pink undershirt and a pink flower pin attach to her hair, which resembles Musharna's color pattern.


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Black & White arc

Fennel spoke with Professor Juniper on the videophone about her ideas regarding dreams.[1]

Fennel and Amanita were nearby when White discovered Black's unconscious body. Fennel helped them carry him to her lab. When he woke up and she heard he has a Munna, Fennel accepted White's invitation to help look for him. She took them to the Dreamyard, where she suspected Munna has gone. Instead, they found Team Plasma there, holding Munna captive. After Munna was freed and Team Plasma fled, Fennel obtains a sample of Dream Mist.

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Black 2 & White 2 arc

Fennel was in the frozen Striaton City. While others worried about Team Plasma's flying ship that froze cities, Fennel made a breakthrough in her project. She discovered the Dream Mist could be considered as a different dimension. Juniper claimed that was not an important thing, but Fennel yelled at her, continuing that she contacted Professor Burnet, whom Juniper remembered she married a pro-wrestler. With Burnet's help, Fennel believed that Black was sucked into the Light Stone, but was teleported into the Dream World, and could still be alive. Bianca became very excited, and yelled at Fennel to tell where the link to Dream World was. Fennel told it was a place called Entralink, and stopped Bianca from going there, since she already sent White there. White reported to the them she already was at Entralink, and found the Light Stone.[2]


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