Fennel's Musharna is one of the Pokémon owned by Fennel. Its primary use comes from Fennel's research into cleaner energy sources.


Musharna first appeared in Dreams by the Yard Full, where its Trainer was undergoing a study on energy sources. Through the use of Musharna's Dream Mist, it would allow more cleaner sources of energy to be utilized. However, due to the ill thoughts possessed by the scientists working at Dreamyard, it caused Musharna to inadvertently destroy the facility. Later, its powers were harnessed by Team Rocket to spread the Dream Mist across towns and cities, resulting in numerous Pokémon falling asleep. After Team Rocket's plans were foiled, Musharna and Munna were joined together. In Archeops in the Modern World! Musharna's ability was used to reanimate the fossil of an Archeops.

Known moves

None of Musharna's moves are known.