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Fashion Case
(アクセサリーいれ Accessory Container)
Fashion Case (key)
Buy For: Poké Dollar0
Sell For: Poké Dollar0
Type: Key
Generation: IV

The Fashion Case is a key item introduced in Generation IV that is used for dressing up your Pokémon. In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, you can dress up your Pokémon for the first two sections of a contest. In Pokémon HG/SS, You can use it to dress up your Pokémon and take pictures of it. In Pokémon B/W, you can use it to dress up your Pokémon for a musical. You can also find accessories for the fashion case in certain places. In Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, talk to your Pokémon once in a while at Amity Square, and they may be holding an accessory. If you win a contest, the lady will give you an accessory. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, talk to the man in the basement in Goldenrod City, and he will give you a random accessory for 100P. Go to the Celadon Department Store, and you will see Crasher Wake, the Pastoria Gym Leader from Sinnoh. He will give you three unique accessories from Sinnoh. If you go to Pal Park with a Pokémon GBA game inserted, you will get one accessory (Crown for Fire Red, and Tiara for LeafGreen). Talk to your Pokémon once in a while, and it may be holding and accessory. (B/W) After doing a musical, talk to the people in the building. Sometimes, they will give you and accessory. In the same building, go upstairs and talk to the man standing by the photo frame. Each time after a musical, he will give you an accessory.

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