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Faraway Island is an island situated outside of the Hoenn Pokémon region in Pokémon Emerald. This island is the location of Mew. To get to this island you need the Old Sea Chart event item, which could be obtained in 2005.

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To get to faraway island, you first need to be in posetion of the old sea chart (which can be obtained by eather an event that has ben over for some time, or mix records with some one who had it). You then head to the ship house in eather Lilycove City or Slateport City to talk to the lady that asks you where you want to go, there should be a third option besides Lilycove (if your in slateport and vice-versa), and the Battle Frounter. At first it will seem as if you won't be able to get there, however, your old freind Mr. Briney will come out of the ship to say that he will take you to the island.

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