Fantasy in My Pocket by Sachi and Juri is the Japanese ending theme song of the Pokémon anime series.



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♪ I want to grow up fast

Huh? Why? I want to grow up fast But isn't being a kid fun? But seems I've only grown a little Well, then, let me tell you a bit about my dream I want to be a kid once more Huh? Why? I want to be a kid once more Being an adult is good Would you get used to it in one day? You wouldn't! Hey, don't be mean Back when I was a child I put a lot of treasures in my pocket But now sometimes I have to peek in Could that be, maybe, Pikachu? Yes, that might be The children of the past, the children of the present Are always filling their pockets The boys and the girls Inside their pockets is a fantasy

La la la la la la la la-la Lalala la la la la-la ♪

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