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Fairy-Type is the eighteenth type in the Pokémon franchise. It has been introduced in Generation VI. The majority of the Pokémon that has this type are either pink in color, cute or female in appearance, or have some magical theme to them.

Type Effectiveness

Generation VI


Super Effective Against:FightingDragonDark
Not Very Effective:FirePoisonSteel
No effect on:None


Resistance Against:FightingBugDark
Weak Against:PoisonSteel
Unaffected by:Dragon

  • Fairy-type was introduced in Generation VI.

Abilities of Fairy Pokémon



Fairy-Type Moves

Fairy Pokémon Trainers

Fairy Tale Girl
Kalos Gym Leader Valerie

Fairy Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type and info
173 Cleffa 035 Clefairy 036 Clefable Formerly Normal from Gen. I-V
174 Igglybuff 039 Jigglypuff 040 Wigglytuff Normal
439 Mime Jr. 122 Mr. Mime Psychic
Eevee 700 Sylveon Only Sylveon is Fairy
175 Togepi 176 Togetic 468 Togekiss Flying; Formerly Normal from Gen. II-V
298 Azurill 183 Marill 184 Azumarill Water; Only Azurill is only part Normal.
209 Snubbull 210 Granbull Formerly Normal from Gen. II-V
280 Ralts 281 Kirlia 282 282M Gardevoir Psychic
303 303M Mawile Steel
493 Arceus Pixie Plate
546 Cottonee 547 Whimsicott Grass
669 Flabébé 670 Floette 671 Florges
682 Spritzee 683 Aromatisse
684 Swirlix 685 Slurpuff
702 Dedenne


703 Carbink


707 Klefki


716 Xerneas

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