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Fairy-Type is the eighteenth type in the Pokémon franchise. It has been introduced in Generation VI.

Fairy-Type Pokémon are strong against the Dragon-type.

Abilities of Fairy Pokémon


Dream World


Fairy-Type Moves

Fairy Pokémon Trainers


Fairy Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
173Cleffa 035Clefairy 036Clefable Formerly pure Normal prior to Generation VI.

Now pure Fairy.

174Igglybuff 039Jigglypuff 040Wigglytuff Normal
118Goldeen 119Seaking Water
298Azurill 183Marill 184Azumarill Azurill is Normal/Fairy.

Marill and Azumarill are both Water/Fairy.

251Celebi Grass; formerly Psychic/Grass prior to Generation VI.
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 282Gardevoir Psychic; only Gardevoir is part Fairy.
Template:Not from type 334Altaria Flying; formerly Dragon/Flying prior to Generation VI.

Swablu is Normal/Flying.

Template:Not from type 429Mismagius Ghost; only Mismagius is part Fairy.
Template:Not from type Unknown Fennekin evolution Unknown Fennekin evolution Fire. Their names aren't revealed yet. Only Fennekin is pure Fire.
Template:Not from type Sylveon Eevee is Normal, not Fairy.

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