Fairy Legendary Pokémon

The Fairy Mythical Pokémon

The Fairy Mythical Pokémon are small, imp/fairy-like Mythical  Pokémon who have one or more types (one always being Psychic, except in the case of Manaphy, who is purely a Water-type). To date, every Generation of Pokémon games features only one Fairy Mythical, and the Fairy Mythical is only obtainable through a special event. There are currently five Fairy Legendary Pokémon, one from each generation of Pokémon.

List of Fairy Mythical Pokémon


  • Although Manaphy is a Fairy Mythical Pokémon, it has some features that are similar to a regular Pokémon.
    • It is purely Water-type. (Every other is part Psychic-type, Mew being fully Psychic.)
    • It can breed with Ditto to get a Phione egg (Manaphy is the only Mythical to actually breed.)
  • If Mew is accounted as earth-like, then the five 'Fairy Mythical Pokémon' would fit with the Chinese elements, fire, water, earth, wood and metal.
  • All of these Pokémon have 100 base stats for all six stats.
  • In each regional Pokédex (minus the platinum extension Pokédex) Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Manaphy all appear either last, or in Jirachi's case, second-to-last, though, Victini appears at the start of its Regional Pokédex (Unova).
  • Shaymin could possibly be another Fairy Myth due to the striking similarities to the others. This could just be a coincidence though.

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