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==Fairy Type==
The Fairy type is the newest and the 18th of all of the Pokemon types. It was introduced with the games Pokemon X and Y, which are due to be released in October of 2013. Sylveon, the newest eevee evolution, was the main purpose for creating this new type because Nintendo advertised Sylveon without a type until recently. The fairy type also brings a new element to battles because it's moves are supereffective against dragon types, which were commonly known as the most invincible pokemon type there is. Now, with it being weak against fairy type moves, including dragon and ice type moves, all players will have a fair chance against dragon types. 
==Fairy Pokémon==
There are currently five released fairy type pokemon: [[Jigglypuff]], [[Marill]], [[Gardevoir]], [[Sylveon]] and [[Flabébé]]. [[Sylveon]] is the only [[Eevee]] evolution of these pokemon. Like when Dark and Steel types were released in [[Generation II]], [[Game Freak]] have updated older Pokémon which Fairy type for example, Marill is Water/Fairy, Jigglypuff is Normal/Fairy and Gardevoir is Psychic/Fairy.

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