Faba is a character appearing in the Sun & Moon series.


Faba is a lean man, who has short green hair and a goatee. He wears a white outfit, bearing the symbol of Aether Foundation and having a yellow diamond-shaped decoration on his sleeves. Faba also wears a green undershirt, some green bracers on his arms, and large green glasses. He also has white boots with yellow soles and buttons.


Faba is a very skeptical person, who has his doubts in others. In addition, Faba is also very grouchy, and slightly pessimistic on progress of others and showing hostility when he angrily throws Ash's Rowlet after he mistakenly takes it instead of Nebby who manages to Teleport. Faba is also sneaky to convince the Team Rocket trio to serve as bodyguards in Aether Paradise, but strictly orders them whenever their leader has visitors such as Ash and the group.

Like the other recurring villains aside from the Team Rocket trio, Faba has a sinister side similar to Giovanni's who has his own evil ambitions and his plans to capture Nebby and other Ultra Beasts for his experiments identical to Xerosic's before being freed by Ash and the group and leading its evolution to Cosmoem.

After being rejected by a Nihilego, which ends up possessing his boss instead, Faba regrets his actions. After Nihilego is defeated, he becomes much nicer, apologizing to Ash and his friends for his sinister ambitions.


Four years to the events of Sun & Moon, Faba created the Type: Null Pokémon. He mistreated it, and later cancelled the project under the idea that it was a failure. He opened a wormhole into Ultra Space, and an unidentified Ultra Beast came out of it, which attacked Lillie, who had gone to the basement to find her mother.[1]

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Faba accompanied Lusamine, Wicke and Professor Burnet to Altar of the Sunne. Faba asked Burnet if she did see traces of Ultra Aura, and thought it was a mistake, blaming the error in Burnet's equipment. Lusamine shushed him, and Faba left. His equipment traced some of the energy, but when Faba looked at his device, he saw nothing, and dismissed that. When Burnet and Lusamine discovered the Ultra Aura being emitted on Melemele Island, the group went to Professor Kukui's house. There, they met up with Ash, who showed them Nebby, while Lusamine introduced her team to him. Faba pointed out any Ultra Beast had Ultra Aura, and they sensed some coming from Nebby. Ash explained he was visited by Solgaleo and Lunala in a dream the night before, exclaimed he needed to protect Nebby. Faba claimed it was just a dream, and doubted a child like him could take care of an Ultra Beast. Despite Faba's doubt, Lusamine allowed Ash to keep Nebby, rather than having the Aether Foundation take care of it.[2]

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At the motel, Faba demands that Gladion returns Silvally, who refuses as he knew that Faba mistreated the artificial Pokémon. Faba is able to steal Silvally after ordering Hypno to put Gladion to sleep. When his device sets off an alarm, he finds that Lillie, Ash and Nebby, and fearful that Lillie may remember the incident four years ago, he asks Team Rocket to kidnap Lillie. However, they refuse, as they claim that it is not right, so he does this with his own hands. When his Pokémon are defeated by Silvally, he runs away. [1]

Still desiring to finish his ambitions, he focuses on Nebby instead. He successfully captures Nebby, and reopens the Ultra Wormhole again. He is attacked by Nihilego, and argues that it is what Lusamine wanted to do, and is shocked when the Ultra Beast drags her through the wormhole. [3]

When Wicke and Burnet come down to see the commotion, Burnet asks why he used her machine without permission. He states that it was Lusamine's fault. [4]

At Professor Kukui and Burnet's wedding, Faba came with Wicke and Lusamine. Lusamine demoted Faba, as result of his actions, and became Wicke's subordinate. Faba apologized to the group for his actions, showing regret for harming Gladion and Lillie.[5]


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