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Faba is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


Faba is a lean man, who has short green hair and a goatee. He wears a white outfit, bearing the symbol of Aether Foundation and having a yellow diamond-shaped decoration on his sleeves. Faba also wears a green undershirt, some green bracers on his arms, and large green glasses. He also has white boots with yellow soles and buttons.


Faba has a high opinion of himself and his work. Thus, he prefers to be called by his title, "Branch Chief", and becomes furious if that is not the case.


Faba and the Aether Foundation, in Sun's words, stole the latter's great-grandfather's island. To regain the island, Sun started collecting a million dollars to buy it from Faba.[1]

Sun & Moon arc

S&M015 12

Faba and Wicke meet up with Kukui, Moon and Burnet.

An employee of Aether Foundation went to Faba's room, and wished to show him the report of the three attacked passengers. Since the three were healthy and uninjured, the employee asked "Mister" Faba what to do next. Faba claimed it was "troublesome", as the employee was attacked by Faba's Hypno, and was slammed to a wall. Faba reminded the employee he should be referred as "Branch Chief" Faba. He reminded the employee referred to their leader as "President" Lusamine, and thought the employee was undervaluing Faba by not adding the title. He believed the employee did not see Faba fit as the second-in-command to Lusamine, but the employee denied this. Faba started to pretend it was Hypno that played a trick on him, and helped the employee stand back up. The employee thanked "Branch Chief" Faba and walked away, with pain in his back. Faba was displeased he was constantly interrupted, but focused on finishing an article for his blog. He was glad that his blog reached up to 200 000 views per month, from intellectuals, who, to Faba, dreamt an unachievable dream of a peaceful coexistence with Pokémon. Suddenly, Wicke came to Faba in his office, startling him, who was writing a blog. Faba reminded Wicke, referring to as "the Branch Chief", that she should've knocked. Wicke explained she actually did that, and even called out to him. She reminded him about the three people they found stranded, and Faba grudgingly went with her to meet up with these people. The two met with Moon, Professor Kukui and Burnet, who thanked them for the rescue. Faba explained they were attacked by a Bruxish, who emitted psychic energy that overwhelmed everyone, hurting the Mantine and the ship. Wicke added they currently were having the ship repaired for them, and noted Bruxish fainted from an attack. Moon did not recognize the place they were in, so Faba let them look around the Aether Paradise.[2]

Faba and Wicke gave the trio a tour around Aether Paradise. Faba described the place as the sanctuary for abused Pokémon. Moon wanted to ask Wicke a question, which annoyed Faba for the interruption and that he was not given a question. Since Aether Foundation did not find Sun nor Lillie, Wicke believed the two were captured by Team Skull, indicated by Bruxish's wounds. Faba dismissed that, even if he did confirm Team Skull's criminal activities rose in the region. Burnet feared for the two, but Kukui believed the Trial Captains would find Sun and Lillie, as they were headed to Team Skull's base on Ula'ula Island for a talk. Faba was shocked and had Wicke give the group the rest of the tour, claiming he would start the search for the missing children and report to President Lusamine. As he went away, Faba realized if the Trial Captains would defeat Team Skull, his mission could be ruined, and went to President Lusamine to tell her about this issue.[3] Moon saw Sun hesitating to give away information to the International Police about the Ultra Beasts. This made her wonder if Faba and the Aether Foundation did something really bad to make him wary of big corporations.[4]


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