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Evolving Sandile

Ash's Sandile evolving in the anime

Evolution, in the Pokémon franchise, is when one Pokémon, upon reaching a certain level, using a certain stone, learning a certain move, or is traded, evolves into a different kind of Pokémon. In Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver games, it says that Professor Elm is an expert on evolution and discovered that Pikachu evolves from Pichu.

Normal Evolution Tricks

Pokémon gain experience after battling wild Pokémon and Pokémon Trainers. The more experience a Pokémon gains, the more it levels up. When a Pokémon reaches a particular level, it will evolve into its next form, if it has one. This is very helpful to most Trainers who want their Pokémon to become stronger.

There are ways to share experience, such as allow a Pokémon you wish it to evolve to hold Exp. Share. It is a hold item that allows the user to earn experience even if it did not participate in the battle. This is a convenient tool if you want to level up a new or low-level Pokémon.

You can prevent evolution by simply press the 'B' button on the Game when the Pokémon is attempting to evolve. This is useful as some Pokémon will learn moves that cannot be learnt in a later form or if you want a Pokémon to learn a move earlier than usual. For example, Gabite. If you let Gible evolve into Gabite at level 24 it will learn Dragon Rush at level 49, but if you keep Gible it will learn Dragon Rush at level 37. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you let it evolve or not. The Pokémon can hold an Everstone, which keeps them from evolving, so that you don't have to keep cancelling the evolution everytime the Pokémon levels up. However, if your Pokémon has evolved, it might not evolve again (Raticate, Linoone, etc.) Although some Pokémon can evolve more than once (Poliwhirl, Cascoon, etc.), some basic Pokémon just can't evolve, due to undiscovered forms, or if they are really rare (Chatot, Groudon, etc.) There are also Pokémon that can evolve into different things like love, choice, etc. For example, Eevee, Poliwhirl, Wurmple, or Kirlia.

Special Condition Evolutions

Evolution Stones

Some Pokémon will not evolve unless you use a special stone called an Evolution Stone. These special Items are linked to the Pokémon's type. Here are a list of Pokémon that can evolve by giving them the stones.

List of Pokémon Evolve by Evolution Stones
Name Conditions Evolve to
Vulpix 037 Fire Stone Bag Fire Stone Sprite Ninetales 038
Growlithe 058 Arcanine 059
Eevee 133 Flareon 136
Pansear 513 Simisear 514
Pikachu 025 Thunderstone Bag Thunderstone Sprite Raichu 026
Eevee 133 Jolteon 135
Eelektrik 603 Eelektross 604
Poliwhirl 061 Water Stone Bag Water Stone Sprite Poliwrath 062
Shellder 090 Cloyster 091
Staryu 120 Starmie 121
Eevee 133 Vaporeon 134
Lombre 271 Ludicolo 272
Panpour 515 Simipour 516
Gloom 044 Leaf Stone Bag Leaf Stone Sprite Vileplume 045
Weepinbell 070 Victreebel 071
Exeggcute 102 Exeggutor 103
Nuzleaf 274 Shiftry 275
Pansage 511 Simisage 512
Gloom 044 Sun Stone Bag Sun Stone Sprite Bellossom 182
Sunkern 191 Sunflora 192
Cottonee 546 Whimsicott 547
Petilil 548 Lilligant 549
Nidorina 030 Moon Stone Bag Moon Stone Sprite Nidoqueen 031
Nidorino 033 Nidoking 034
Clefairy 035 Clefable 036
Jigglypuff 039 Wigglytuff 040
Skitty 300 Delcatty 301
Munna 517 Musharna 518
Roselia 315 Shiny Stone Bag Shiny Stone Sprite Roserade 407
Togetic 176 Togekiss 468
Minccino 572 Cinccino 573
Kirlia (♂ - Male) 281 Dawn Stone Bag Dawn Stone Sprite Gallade 475
Snorunt (♀ - Female) 361 Froslass 478
Murkrow 198 Dusk Stone Bag Dusk Stone Sprite Honchkrow 430
Misdreavus 200 Mismagius 429
Lampent 608 Chandelure 609

Evolution Items

Some items are needed for a Pokémon to evolve. If a Pokémon hold the item allowing it to evolve, let it level up once and it will then evolve into the second form.

List of Pokémon Evolve by Attached Items
Name Conditions Evolve to
Gligar 207 Held Item: Razor Fang at Night Gliscor 472
Sneasel 215 Held Item: Razor Claw at Night Weavile 461
Happiny 440 Held Item: Oval Stone at Day Chansey 113


A small group of Pokémon refuses to evolve, no matter if you are at the appropriate level to trigger the evolve process, unless you trade them with a friend. Some Pokémon need to have a held item to evolve when trading with a friend. Another group require specific Pokémon to be trade in order to evolve.

List of Pokémon Evolve by Trading
Name Conditions Evolve to
Kadabra 064 None Alakazam 065
Haunter 093 Gengar 094
Machoke 067 Machamp 068
Graveler 075 Golem 076
Boldore 525 Gigalith 526
Gurdurr 533 Conkeldurr 534
Onix 095 Held Item: Metal Coat Steelix 208
Scyther 123 Scizor 212
Poliwhirl 061 Held Item: King's Rock Politoed 186
Slowpoke 079 Slowking 199
Seadra 117 Held Item: Dragon Scale Kingdra 230
Porygon 137 Held Item: Up-Grade Porygon2 233
Clamperl 366 Held Item: Deepseascale Gorebyss 368
Clamperl 366 Held Item: Deepseatooth Huntail 367
Electabuzz 125 Held Item: Electrizer Electivire 466
Magmar 126 Held Item: Magmarizer Magmortar 467
Rhydon 112 Held Item: Protector Rhyperior 464
Porygon2 233 Held Item: Dubious Disc Porygon-Z 474
Feebas 349 Held Item: Prism Scale (Generation V) Milotic 350
Dusclops 356 Held Item: Reaper Cloth Dusknoir 477
Shelmet 616 Trade with Karrablast Accelgor 617
Karrablast 588 Trade with Shelmet Escavalier 589

Gender Evolution

Small groups of Pokémon requires a gender to evolve into the next stage.

List of Pokémon Evolve by Gender
Name Conditions Evolve to
Burmy 412 412B 412C Level 20, (♀ - Female) Wormadam 413 413B 413C
Level 20, (♂ - Male) Mothim 414
Combee 415 Level 25, (♀ - Female) Vespiquen 416


Certain Pokémon, especially baby Pokémon, requires friendship with its trainer and if they are fond enough, they are willing to evolve. Some Pokémon only evolves in a certain time of the day with friendship.

List of Pokémon Evolve by Friendship
Name Conditions Evolve to
Golbat 042 None Crobat 169
Chansey 113 Blissey 242
Pichu 172 Pikachu 025
Cleffa 173 Clefairy 035
Igglybuff 174 Jigglypuff 039
Togepi 175 Togetic 176
Azurill 298 Marill 183
Buneary 427 Lopunny 428
Munchlax 446 Snorlax 143
Woobat 527 Swoobat 528
Swadloon 541 Leavanny 542
Eevee 133 at Day Espeon 196
Budew 406 Roselia 315
Riolu 447 Lucario 448
Eevee 133 at Night Umbreon 197
Chingling 433 Chimecho 358

Location Based Evolutions

Special Pokémon evolves at a certain area of location.

List of Pokémon Evolve by Locations
Name Locations Evolve to
Magneton 082

Mt. Coronet (Generation IV), Chargestone Cave (Generation V)

Magnezone 462
Nosepass 299 Probopass 476
Eevee 133 Moss Rock at Eterna Forest (Generation IV), Moss Rock at Pinwheel Forest (Generation V) Leafeon 470
Eevee 133 Ice Rock at Route 217 (Generation IV), Ice Rock at Twist Mountain (Generation V) Glaceon 471

Attack Based Pokémon

Certain Pokémon need to know a move to evolve. This method was introduced in Generation IV, starting with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

List of Pokémon Evolve by Learning Moves
Name Conditions Evolve to
Tangela 114 learning Ancient Power Tangrowth 465
Yanma 193 Yanmega 469
Piloswine 221 Mamoswine 473
Bonsly 438 learning Mimic Sudowoodo 185
Mime Jr. 439 Mr. Mime 122
Lickitung 108 learning Rollout Lickilicky 463
Aipom 190 learning Double Hit Ambipom 424

Unique Evolutions

Some Pokémon have certain type of unique way of evolve.

List of Pokémon Evolve by Unique Way
Name Conditions Evolve to
Wurmple 265 Level 7 (Random depending on PV - Personality Value) Silcoon 266
Cascoon 268
Tyrogue 236 Level 20, Attack stats more than Defense Hitmonlee 106
Level 20, Defense stats more than Attack Hitmonchan 107
Level 20, Attack stats equal to Defense Hitmontop 237
Feebas 349 Maxed out Beauty Condition and then level up (Generation III — IV) Milotic 350
Nincada 290 Level 20, with empty Poké Ball and a open slot on your party. Shedinja 292
Mantyke 458 A Remoraid in your party and then level up. Mantine 226

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