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(ミナキ Minaki)
195px-HeartGold SoulSilver Eusine
Gender: Male
Hometown: Celadon City
Region: Kanto/Johto
Family: Unnamed Grandfather
Class: Mystery Man
Friends: Morty
First Appearance: Pokémon Crystal (games)
For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll! (anime)
Voice actor: Ed Paul (Master Quest)
Dan Green (Pokémon Chronicles)

Eusine, also known as The Mystifying Trainer from Celadon City, is a trainer who has been searching for Suicune since his grandfather told him of the Legendary Pokémon.



Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

In Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver, he is first encountered in the Burned Tower with Morty. Eusine is an old friend of his, according to Morty. He is later battled in Cianwood City after spotting Suicune. After the battle, Suicune is seen in various places along with Eusine. After finding it enough times (scattered throughout some select routes), Suicune finally is seen on Route 14, where Eusine will wonder who would find it first. The last time Eusine will be seen is at Cerulean Cape, where you will get the chance to encounter and battle Suicune (having gotten there before Eusine). Even though Eusine feels envious, he believes Suicune respects the player as a good trainer, as shown by its eagerness to battle the player, so he reluctantly backs down, encouraging the player to battle Suicune.


Season 5: Master Quest

Eusine anime

Eusine, in the anime

When he heard Ash saw Suicune, he challenged Ash for daring to say that he'd met the legendary beast. However, the battle was interrupted as the forest Pokémon became angry and made a large net. When he finally saw Suicune, he tried to catch it partially for ego gratification. Suicune escaped, so Eusine went on a journey to find it and challenge it to a battle.

Season EX: Pokémon Chronicles

He mentioned Suicune only once, and then only in reference to the other beasts.


GSC Battle Sprite

HGSS Battle Sprite



On hand

Pokémon Information
Eusine Alakazam
Eusine owned an Alakazam, who would help him in tracking down Suicune and battle it.

Episode appearances

Master Quest

Pokémon Chronicles


  • Eusine's clothing somewhat resembles Suicune's design.
  • His trainer class was called Mysticalman in Generation II, while he is called the Mystery Man in the Generation IV remakes.
  • In The Legend of Thunder!, the English dub mistakenly refers to Eusine as Eugene.

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