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Escape Rope
(あなぬけのヒモ Hole Escape Rope)
Dream Escape Rope Sprite
Dream World artwork
Buy For: Poké Dollar550
Sell For: Poké Dollar275
Type: Miscellaneous
Generation: I

Escape Rope is an item that is available in main series Pokémon games. It can be found all over the map. It enables the player to exit a cave without finding the exit. The rope then teleports the player back to the entrance of the cave. In Pokémon Platinum, Escape Ropes can be bought for Poké Dollar250. In most of the other games, it costs Poké Dollar550.


Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, Bugsy found a puzzle while in the Ruins of Alph that stated: "ESCAPE," convincing him to use an Escape Rope. Therefore, the wall to fall apart, revealing Suicune.



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