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Energetic Forest

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Energetic Forest
Energetic Forest

A vibrant area where elemental energy -- the life force for all things -- rises from the earth. Unique Pokémon are found here.

Primary Type Normal
Capacity 15
Location Eastern Forest
How to Obtain
Have Pikachu as the starter or partner pokemon, Meowth or Skitty as the starter pokemon, or purchase for 5,000 MD Poke

Energetic Forest is a Friend Area in the Eastern Forest.

Resident Pokemon

MD Pikachu Pikachu
MD Raichu Raichu
MD Meowth Meowth
MD Persian Persian
MD Mankey Mankey
MD Primeape Primeape
MD Snorlax Snorlax
MD Pichu Pichu
MD Aipom Aipom
MD Stantler Stantler
MD Slakoth Slakoth
MD Vigoroth Vigoroth
MD Slaking Slaking
MD Skitty Skitty
MD Delcatty Delcatty

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