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Region: Kalos
Family: Looker (adoptive Guardian, formerly)
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Emma is a character from Pokémon X and Y. She is uneducated and has no family, but considers Mimi (the Pokemon in the picture, to her right) her family. She is given a home by Looker who pledges to care for her. Looker also begins to educate her, allowing Emma to read at a beginners' level (1st grade at least).

Emma was unofficialy the accidental leader of the Lumoise City gang, who stole Pokemon from foreign travelers to get her attention. She repremanded them with help from the player and Looker, getting them to go on the right path.

Seeing that Looker always pays for her food and boarding, Emma decides to get a part time job to help out. However, this leads to her being Xerosic's test subject for his Expansion Suit; she thought she was getting paid to fall asleep wearing it. Under the name Essentia, she was used to steal strong Pokemon from their trainers. She would keep her part time job a secret from Looker and the player to avoid worrying them about her concern about the lack of help she gives at the Looker Bureau. Looker and the player chased the unconcious Emma all over Lumoise City, eventualy leading to Mimi finding them and almost awakening Emma from her sleep.

Confronting Xerosic, the player faces off with Emma until the Expansion Suit reaches its limits for powering up Pokemon she used. When released from the suit's control, Emma wondered what everyone was doing. The player leadsher away while Looker discussed the ethics of his work. In the time she's known Xerosic, Emma's innocence had helped warm his once cold heart.

Since Looker's mission was over, he left a note revealing his identity as a member of the International Police. He has also used his vast savings to purchase the Looker Bureau, which was his gift to Emma and Mimi to ensure a home for them; the player was honored by getting to share Looker's codename. Emma recieved word for Xerosic that he and Looker would be taking the train. Emma confronted him, begging Looker to stay; however, Looker explained that he has to go where-ever his superiors need him to, and that their friendship wouldn't end. Xerosic then gifted Emma with the Expansion Suit; both he and Looker asked her to watch after Lumoise City as Essentia, it's new protector. If the player visits her after this, Emma has invited the members of Lumoise Gang to stay there to help out.

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