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(アヅミ Azumi)
Emily BF
Gender: Female
Region: Kanto
Class: Trainer
Friends: Ash Ketchum, May, Max, Brock
First Appearance: Sitting Psyduck
Voice actor: Rebecca Honig (English)

Emily (Japanese: Azumi) is a character of the day who appeared in AG140: Sitting Psyduck. Her English voice actress is Rebecca Honig.

Emily is a fairly wealthy Trainer who lives in Kanto with her Psyduck. However, she had a problem with her Pokémon constantly running away from her. When Ash and his friends were passing through her area, they soon discovered the reason why Psyduck kept running away; it wanted to play outside, but Emily wouldn't let it. She claimed that it would get Psyduck dirty.

However, after a battle with Team Rocket where Psyduck showed how strong it was, Emily slowly began to realize that Psyduck loved being outside. She finally conceded and allowed Psyduck to have fun. Ash and the others left, knowing Psyduck would probably never run away again.


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Emily Psyduck
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Emily Machop
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Emily Machoke
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Emily Machamp
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Emily Rapidash
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Rapidash (2x)

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