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File:200px-Emerald Adventures.png Emerald (エメラルド Emerald) is the tenth main character of the Pokémon Adventures manga series.


Past life

Emerald's parent's died when Emerald was young so Emerald was passed from relative to relative. Emerald was made fun of because of the fact that he was a very small kid. However, the Pokémon living with him helped him get things he couldn't reach. When Emerald's relatives found out about this, Emerald was mocked of using Pokémon in place of his arms. After this, Emerald ran away far from home.

File:150px-Child Emerald Adventures.png

Emerald then met the Trick Maker, who made Emerald look taller than he really is and gave Emerald a gun which fires soil from a Pokémon's birthplace, which calms rampaging Pokémon. Emerald also found a green gem which was artificially made to control Rayquaza. The gem failed in controlling Rayquaza so the gem was thrown away. Emerald then attached gem to his forehead.

Emerald was then placed in an orphanage, where Emerald met Crystal. Emerald then admired Crystal for her hardworkingness and then decided to learn more about her. Emerald then decided to get his own Pokédex. Emerald was soon made a proud owner of the Pokédex.

The Emerald Chapter

Emerald gate-crashed the Battle Frontier. He bound and gagged Tucker and stole his Salamence. Emerald was then about to be banned from the Frontier when Emerald was revealed to be attracting media attention. The Frontier Brains had no choice but to accept Emerald's challenge: Emerald was to defeat all seven Frontier Brains in seven days.

Soon later, it was revealed that Professor Oak sent Emerald on a mission to capture Jirachi, who will awaken in the Battle Frontier. Emerald almost completed this mission after his battle in the Battle Pyramid when he was thwarted by a villain who calls himself Guile Hideout.

Emerald soon was able to defeat Guile and complete his mission and with the help of the nine other Pokédex owners.



These are the Pokémon which Emerald rented in the Battle Factory.

On hand

Borrowed (from Crystal)


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