For the variant appearing in the games, see Elesa.

Elesa is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is the Gym Leader of Nimbasa City in the Unova region.


Elesa has blue eyes and short blonde hair. She wears red, white, and blue headphones with long cords on the sides. Elesa wears a yellow jacket, a black top that exposes her stomach in two sections, opaque black tights, and yellow high heels.


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Black & White arc

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Elesa appears in the Xtransceiver conference call between White, the director, and the mayor. She is sitting in the same room as the mayor, along with the city council. Elesa doesn't express an opinion about Pokémon Musicals, but she is exasperated by the council, who hemmed and hawed when it came to planning the Pokémon Musical and ended up dumping everything onto White's (glad) shoulders, impressed by her capability and her sound plans and ideas.

Elesa meets Black at the Pokémon Musical building, who is wandering while White arranges and prepares things for the musical. She is interested when she hears Black refer to White as "president" and tells him how impressed she is with White. She tells Black that his Pokémon gym battle with her will have to wait until after the Musical (which is in a few days).

When Black arrives at her gym, Elesa shows him how to operate the roller coaster system and then goes to the battlefield to wait for him. However, his safety was jammed, trapping him in the roller coaster car. Elesa is going to put off the battle, but Black insists on holding it like this. They have a 2 on 2 battle, beginning with Black's Galvantula and Elesa's Zebstrika. Zebstrika defeats Galvantula because Motor Drive renders electric-type attacks useless.

Elesa's Volt Switch strategy is very effective against Black's Pignite, until Bulldoze knocks out Zebstrika. Elesa then uses Emolga's flying-type skills to stay out of Pignite's reach and asks Black if he is going to use his Munna to help him come up with a strategy. She seems almost offended when he refuses, but is mollified when he explains that he is the "coach" of his team and he couldn't depend on his Pokémon to get them out of trouble. Emolga is defeated when Black utilizes the roller coaster system to enact an aerial attack.

As Elesa gives Black the Bolt Badge, the roller coaster pulls away, taking him outside. When he returns, he is soaked and fried with electricity, and Elesa realizes that he has seen Thundurus, as she had as a child.

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On hand

Elesa's Emolga Adventures
Emolga (x2) *

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