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[[File:Type Electric.gif|link=Electric type]]  
Species Ball Pokémon
Abilities Soundproof
Aftermath (Dream World)
None ← 101 → None
Kanto N/A Johto N/A
Hoenn N/A Sinnoh N/A
Unova N/A Kalos N/A
Evolves from [[Voltorb]]
Evolves into None
(マルマイン Marumain)
[[Generation I]]
Evolutionary line
No evolution line
Weight Height
Pokédex color Egg group
<font color=Red>Red</font>
Shape Footprint

Electrode (Japanese: マルマイン Marumain) is an Electric-type Ball Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It is known to drift on winds if it is bloated to bursting with stored electricity. It's nicked named the Exploding Pokémon. Like Voltorb, Electrode is very easily mistaken for a Poké Ball. It can easily explode when hit or touched.


Electrode is the evolved form of Voltorb, as of level 30.

Game info

Game locations

Version(s) Area(s) Rarity
Red/Blue Power Plant, Cerulean Cave Uncommon
Yellow Power Plant Two
Gold/Silver Rocket Hideout Three
Crystal Rocket Hideout Three
Ruby/Sapphire New Mauville, Team Magma/Aqua Hideout Rare
Emerald New Mauville, Aqua Hideout Rare
FireRed/LeafGreen Cerulean Cave Rare
Diamond/Pearl Evolve Voltorb None
Platinum Evolve Voltorb None
HeartGold/SoulSilver Cerulean Cave, Rocket Hideout Rare
Black/White Poké Transfer, Dream World None

Pokédex entries



  • Electrode and Voltorb are similar to a battery. One side could be positive and the other negative.
  • When it evolves, it could flip and it's face will move
  • Electrode and Voltorb are mistaken as the Pocket Monster's mascot due to it having a similar appearance to the Poké Ball.
  • In HeartGold and SoulSilver, if the player has Electrode traveling alongside them, if they talk to it inside the Rocket Hideout one may receive a message say "Electrode is trembling" possibly indicating it is either scared or agitated being there likely due to Team Rocket's using Electrode to power their machine. As for the Electrode that can be captured inside the Rocket Hideout, it is possible they are remembering the treatment it endured while enslaved by Team Rocket.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Electrode is a assistant Pokemon, blowing up and  causing massive damage; however it does damage to both you and your opponent.


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