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Type Electric

Electric-type Pokémon (Lighting-type in the TCG) have electricity-oriented powers. This category is usually represented by Pikachu, as Pikachu is the most famous Pokémon of the Electric types, and possibly the most famous out of all Pokémon.

Electric-type attacks usually have a chance of causing the Paralyze status effect, which gives the affected Pokémon a severe Speed statistic reduction along with a 25% chance of being unable to move for a turn.

Electric Pokémon represent electricity, electrical energy, and light (as many electric Pokémon can learn Flash). Many Electric types are known for living near, around, or sometimes in areas of human inhabitation (possibly due to the large amount of electricity people use). Some electric Pokémon, like Voltorb and Magnemite, resemble artificial objects used by humans (Voltorb's resemble Poké Balls, and the Magnemite family have what appear to be screws and magnets attached to their bodies). In Generation IV, Electric has the least type pairings, as only Water, Steel, Flying, and Ghost have been paired with it. In Generation V, however, the Electric type gains several more type pairings.

Electric Pokémon are also synonymous for speed, many electric types having high speed stats.

Abilities of Electric Pokémon



Known Electric Pokémon Trainers

Lt. SurgeB2W2 WattsonB2W2sprite VolknerB2W2 ElesaBWspriteElesaB2W2sprite Clemont Ginchiyo Hanbe
Kanto Gym Leader Lt. Surge Hoenn Gym Leader Wattson Sinnoh Gym Leader Volkner Unova Gym Leader Elesa Kalos Gym Leader Clemont Violight Warlord Ginchiyo Warlord Servant Hanbei

Electric Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
172 Pichu 025 Pikachu 026 Raichu
081 Magnemite 082 Magneton 462 Magnezone Steel (Generation II onward)
100 Voltorb 101 Electrode
239 Elekid 125 Electabuzz 466 Electivire
Template:Not from type 135 Jolteon Only Jolteon is Electric
145 Zapdos Flying
170 Chinchou 171 Lanturn Water
179 Mareep 180 Flaaffy 181181M Ampharos Dragon; Only Mega Ampharos is part Dragon.
243 Raikou
309 Electrike 310310M Manectric
311 Plusle
312 Minun
403 Shinx 404 Luxio 405 Luxray
417 Pachirisu
File:479A.png Rotom Ghost (Normal Form)
479B Rotom Fire (Generation V onward - Heat Form)
479C Rotom Water (Generation V onward - Wash Form)
479D Rotom Ice (Generation V onward - Frost Form)
479E Rotom Flying (Generation V onward - Fan Form)
479F Rotom Grass (Generation V onward - Mow Form)
522 Blitzle 523 Zebstrika
587 Emolga Flying
595 Joltik 596 Galvantula Bug
602 Tynamo 603 Eelektrik 604 Eelektross
618 Stunfisk Ground
642 Thundurus Flying
644 Zekrom Dragon
694Helioptile 695Heliolisk Normal
702Dedenne Fairy


Delta Species Electric Pokémon

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