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Egg Group is a classification used in the Pokémon games that defines how Pokémon can breed. Depending on the Pokémon that bred the offspring (who will be born in an egg) can acquire new skills that they normally would be able to learn. If two Pokémon are not in an identical Egg Group, they cannot breed at all. This is the list of all egg groups:

  • No eggs: The Pokémon in this group simply cannot breed whatsoever, not even with Ditto.
  • Ditto: Ditto, thanks to its transformation abilities, is able to breed with almost any Pokémon (regardless of gender), excluding the Pokémon in the No eggs group or another Ditto.
  • Grass: Egg group 1. All the Pokémon in this egg group are Grass-types.
  • Bug: Egg group 2. The Pokémon in this egg group are mainly Bug-types.
  • Flying: Egg group 3. All the Pokémon in this egg group are Flying-types.
  • Human-Like: Egg group 4. The Pokémon in this group have similar bodies to humans'. Most of them are Psychic-, Dark- or Fighting-type.
  • Mineral: Egg group 5. The Pokémon in this group are unorganic in nature. Most of this group's Pokémon are Ice-, Rock-, Steel- or Ground-types.
  • Amphorous: Egg group 6. The Pokémon in this group are amphorous, having no defined form. Most of this group's Pokémon are Psychic-, Poison- and Ghost-types.
  • Field: Egg group 7. The Pokémon in this group are terrestrial in nature. It has a large variety of Pokémon.
  • Water 1: Egg group 8. One of three Water egg groups. Many of these Pokémon have extremities that allow them to live on land.
  • Water 2: Egg group 9. Most of the Pokémon in this group don't have extremities but fins.
  • Water 3: Egg group 10. The Pokémon in this group are mainly arthropods and fossils. The arthropodos are a group of invertebrates where we can find crustaceans and arachnids.
  • Monster: Egg group 11. The appearance of Pokémon in this group is beast-, dinosaur- or reptile-like.
  • Fairy: Egg group 12. The Pokémon in this group are mainly considered petite and very cute. After the Sixth Generation onwards, many of this Pokémon are precisely Fairy-types.
  • Dragon: Egg group 13. The Pokémon is this group are mainly Dragon-types. There are Pokémon that have appearence of dragons, serpents, lizards, or similar reptiles.


The breeding method is typically used by Pokémon Trainers who want to get a Pokémon with characteristics that it usually wouldn't have.

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