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This is a Trollution
|backcolor = {{Electric}}
|name = '''Eelektross'''
|jname = ('''シビルドン''' ''Shibirudon'')
|image = Shibirudon.png
|ndex = 604
|evofrom = [[Eelektrik]]
|evointo = None
|gen = [[Generation V]]
|pronun = <math>ee-LECK-tross</math>
|hp = 85
|atk = 115
|def = 80
|satk = 105
|sdef = 80
|spd = 50
|total = 515
|species = EleFish Pokémon
|type = {{Type|Electric}}
|height = 2.1 m
|weight = 80.5 kg
|ability = [[Levitate]]
|color = <span style="color:blue;">'''Blue'''</span>
|gender = <span class="male">50% ♂</span>/<span class="female">50% ♀</span>
'''Eelektross''' (Japanese: '''シビルドン''' ''Shibirudon'') is an {{Type|Electric}}-type Pokémon from [[Pokémon Black and White]]. It is based on an electric eel. It is used by Team Plasma [[Ghetsis]] at Lv. 52 and Sinnoh Champion [[Cynthia]] at Lv. 75.
Eelektross is a green and tan colored Pokémon with a little tail coming out of its head with a fin under it. Eelektross looks like an eel with arms and a cannon looking mouth.
==Special Abilities==
Eelektross only has the ability [[Levitate]] which prevents Eelektross from being affected by {{Type|Ground}}-type moves. Because of this, Eelektross has no weaknesses.
==In Anime==
An Eelektross was seen in the Anime belonging to Emmet, one of the Nimbasa City Subway Bosses.
Eelektross is yet to make another appearance in the anime.
'''Eelektross''' [[Evolution|evolves]] from [[Eelektrik]] when a [[Evolution Stone#Thunderstone|Thunderstone]] is used. Eelektross is the final form of [[Tynamo]].
==Game Info==
===Game Locations===
{{Game Locations
|blackwhite=Evolve [[Eelektrik]]
===Pokédex Entries===
|black=They crawl out of the ocean using their arms. They will attack prey on shore and immediately drag it into the ocean.
|white=With their sucker mouths, they suck in prey. Then they use their fangs to shock the prey with electricity.
|black 2=It latches on to prey with its sucker mouth, sinking in its fangs and shocking the prey with powerful electricity.
|white 2=It latches on to prey with its sucker mouth, sinking in its fangs and shocking the prey with powerful electricity.
|1|[[Crush Claw]]|75|95|10|{{type|Normal}}|{{Damage Category|Physical}}
|1|[[Headbutt]]|70|100|15|{{type|Normal}}|{{Damage Category|Physical}}
|1|[[Acid]]|40|100|30|{{type|Poison}}|{{Damage Category|Special}}
|1|'''[[Discharge]]'''|80|100|15|{{type|Electric}}|{{Damage Category|Special}}
|1|[[Crunch]]|80|100|15|{{type|Dark}}|{{Damage Category|Physical}}
Eelektross appears to be based on a mix of a [[:wikipedia:Leech|leech]], [[:wikipedia:Electric Eel|electric eel]], and a little [[:wikipedia:Lamprey|lamprey]].
*Even though Eelektross is a Electric Fish Pokémon, it is not a {{Type|Water}}-type.
*Eelektross is the third Pokémon to have no weakness to any type due to its Levitate ability.
**It is the first Pokémon to have no weakness who is not of the {{Type|Dark}}/{{Type|Ghost}}-type combination.
**This is the first Pokémon that has no weakness to have evolutionary forms.
**This is also the first Pokémon to have no weakness that is a single type.
* Eelektross resembles a lamprey.
* Despite the fact that Eelektross is the Electric Fish Pokémon, it hops up and down on feet like appendages, instead of floating as if it is swimming like other fish Pokémon.
* In the Pokémon Black & White official Guidebook Eelektross is [[Ghetsis]]'s only Pokémon whose "move to watch out for" isn't a [[STAB|S.T.A.B.]] attack. It's the [[Dark-type Pokémon|Dark]][[Dark-type Pokémon|&nbsp;type]] move Crunch, and Eelektross is a pure [[Electric]] type.
* Despite having "no weaknesses" due to its Levitate ability, Eelektross can still be hit by Ground-type moves if the Pokémon using the move has the ability Mold Breaker or the Pokémon has used the move Gravity in the previous turn, whereas Spiritomb and Sableye cannot be hit with super effective damage at all; Fighting-type moves with Foresight deals only normal damage
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[[Category:Electric Pokémon]]
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[[Category:Indeterminate group Pokémon]]

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This is a Trollution

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