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The editor-in-chief is a character in Pokémon Adventures.


The Lumiose Press editor-in-chief is a middle-age man with tidy hair. He wears leather pants with a belt, an office shirt, and square glasses.


The editor-in-chief of Lumiose Press appears to be good natured at first. But he is really cruel and manipulative. He was to interview Professor Sycamore with having any information about the Vaniville Town incident. He was also willing to harm Alexa's Helioptile to get his way. Unfortunately he couldn't defeat X and overlooked Helioptile's electric powers. One can assume his evil behavior was because of Team Flare, but their wrong. He was actually always this way, as years before he intentionally leaked private information about a dangerous meteoroid.


X & Y arc

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

It was revealed that man who would eventually become editor-in-chief of Lumiose Press used to work for Hoenn TV. He leaks the information about the meteoroid resulting in Hoenn to know about it. He then leaves the region.


On hand

Editor-in-chief's Pangoro
Pangoro *
Editor-in-chief's Spewpa
Spewpa (x2) *
Editor-in-chief's Spinda
Spinda *


Alexa's Helioptile Adventures
Heli *

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