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Early Bird is an ability that will allow your Pokémon to remain asleep for half as long as it normally would and this includes both opponent-induced sleep and user-induced sleep via Rest. It was introduced in Generation III.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#084 Doduo 084 Type NormalType Flying Natural
#085 Dodrio 085 Type NormalType Flying Natural
#115 Kangaskhan 115 Type Normal Natural
#165 Ledyba 165 Type BugType Flying Natural
#166 Ledian 166 Type BugType Flying Natural
#177 Natu 177 Type PsychicType Flying Natural
#178 Xatu 178 Type PsychicType Flying Natural
#191 Sunkern 191 Type Grass Dream World
#192 Sunflora 192 Type Grass Dream World
#203 Girafarig 203 Type NormalType Psychic Natural
#228 Houndour 228 Type DarkType Fire Natural
#229 Houndoom 229 Type DarkType Fire Natural
#273 Seedot 273 Type Grass Natural
#274 Nuzleaf 274 Type GrassType Dark Natural
#275 Shiftry 275 Type GrassType Dark Natural
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