The Orange Islands (オレンジ諸島 Orange Islands) is the 14th chapter of The Electric Tale of Pikachu.


Ash begins his journey at Orange Islands and registers for the Orange League. After his first boat goes away. However, he encounters a Lapras, who is afraid of humans, but might be the Pokémon he needs for traveling through the islands.

Chapter Plot

Ash came to Valencia Island, the jewel of Orange Islands. He registers for the Orange League, which also demands badges to enter. As Ash sees the closest is Mikan Gym, he bumps into three thugs, who tell him to go home, as the League starts in one month. Ash is still determined to try, so the thugs send Beedrill, Hitmonchan and Spearow. However, Pikachu defeats all three Pokémon, so Ash leaves the thugs, who admit he is a powerful trainer.

Ash runs to the boat, but it leaves, so Ash plays with Pikachu until a new one comes. Ash then sleeps, but Pikachu alerts him, as there is a Lapras being wounded by many Krabby. Ash goes to use Pikachu, but he realizes its Thunderbolt would hit Lapras as well. He sends Squirtle instead, who soaks Krabby away. Ash tries to help Lapras, who is afraid of humans. Pikachu talks with Lapras, who is calmed down and lets itself be caught in the Poké Ball.

At the Pokémon Center, Ash informs people about the injured Lapras. A woman thinks it must've been separated from its school. Ash promises to get Lapras back to its school, but the woman tells the school is far away and will return after half a year back to Valencia Island. The woman advises Ash to keep Lapras and raise it as his own. Ash goes back to the ferry, but sees another boat left. Ash sees he can either spend the night at the Pokémon Center or ride it, as he remembers Misty riding one.

Ash decides to go for the latter, as he sends Lapras. Lapras is still afraid, but Pikachu calms it down, so Lapras allows Ash to ride it. Ash goes on it, as he begins his journey on Orange Islands.