The Indigo Finals (ヒロシ Richie) is the 13th chapter of The Electric Tale of Pikachu.


Ash battles Richie, for this is a test of who is a better trainer. Both trainers use powerful Pokémon, but both are defeated. Ash and Richie send their Charizard, their secret weapons. However, Ash's Charizard goes out of control, so Ash makes an important decision that determines his fate at the Indigo League.

Chapter Plot

The day is here, as Ash battles Richie in the finals. Team Rocket also watch the battle, but Meowth reminds them they need to be evil and rotten. A man asks for peanuts, so Team Rocket serves him. The battle starts, as Ash's Squirtle uses Skull Bash on Richie's Butterfree nicknamed Happy, who uses Sleep Powder. The Pokémon battle each other and both faint. Ash and Richie send Pikachu, who fight without regrets. They use Thunder, but both Ash's Pikachu and Chuchino are defeated. Both trainers are powerful, but demand a time break. Ash goes to choose his Pokémon, so Richie proposes to send their secret weapons. Ash is surprised Richie knows he has one.

So, Ash sends Charizard and Richie sends Charley, who is also a Charizard. Oak is also excited, as he never saw two Pokémon of that power in a duel. The Charizard attack each other, putting up a fierce fight. Ash believes he can win and encourages his Charizard to attack. Charley uses Swords Dance, hitting Ash's Charizard. Ash's Charizard is enraged and wounds Charley, even biting him. Ash orders Charizard to stop, presenting a lit candle. Richie cannot call back Charley, so Ash calls Charizard back. Ash leaves the field, so Richie, by default, is the winner.

Later, Ash wishes to apologize, but Richie believes Charley will heal in due time, but believes he owes Ash an apology, as he forced Ash to do a painful choice. Ash laughs and encourages Richie to win the tournament. Richie is glad and leaves, but Ash still considers himself pathetic, as he allowed an untrained Charizard to injure Charley, thinking he shouldn't even be called a trainer. Brock comforts Ash, as this is not the end; he has a lot to learn and as long as Ash has belief in himself, Charizard will learn how much its master is a friend. Ash thanks Brock for such words. Misty pulls Ash, as they go to cheer for Richie. Ash is much happy and cheers Richie on.

Several months later, Ash and Pikachu travel by blimp, as they arrive to the Orange Islands.