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夢の跡地 Yume no Atochi
Information about Dreamyard
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: ←East - Striaton City
Weather: Normal
Kind: Urban
Needed HM: Cut, Strength

The Dreamyard is an abandoned factory site to the east of Striaton City. Since its closure, it was used as a playground for Pokémon and children. The player first traverses to the Dreamyard to gather Munna's Dream Mist to aid Fennel with her research. After completing the main story, new areas can be accessed that are inhabited by post-National Pokédex Pokémon.

A girl in the first section will give you a Pokémon depending on the starter you chose: Pansage if you chose Tepig; Pansear if you chose Oshawott; and Panpour if you chose Snivy. The Pokémon the player receives can be used to aid the player against the first gym battle, due to one of its three gym leaders, who own Pokémon with a type advantage towards the player's starter.

To reach Munna and the Dream Mist you'll need to use HM01 Cut. Bianca shows up, as do Team Plasma, who have their own motive for wanting the Dream Mist. They kick the poor Munna until you intervene with a battle. However, they continue to bully Munna until Musharna turns up and creates an illusion of Ghetsis, which scares the grunts into fleeing.

Once the main story is finished, the obstacles are moved, allowing you to explore the underground level. One of the Seven Sages, Gorm, can be found here. A Musharna appears underground on Fridays.


Trainer Pokémon Level
504 Patrat 7
504 Patrat 7
506 Lillipup 7
Gain: Poké Dollar
Trainer Pokémon Level
504 Patrat 7
509 Purrloin 8
Gain: Poké Dollar

Team Plasma

Trainer Pokémon Level
Plasma Grunt(M)BWsprite
Plasma Grunt
504 Patrat 10
Gain: Poké Dollar
Trainer Pokémon Level
Plasma Grunt(F)BWsprite
Plasma Grunt
509 Purrloin 10
Gain: Poké Dollar

After Elite Four

Trainer Pokémon Level
096 Drowzee 63
097 Hypno 63
518 Musharna 63
Gain: Poké Dollar3024
Trainer Pokémon Level
061 Poliwhirl 63
518 Musharna 63
047 Parasect 63
Gain: Poké Dollar3024
Trainer Pokémon Level
374 Beldum 63
375 Metang 63
606 Beheeyem 63
579 Reuniclus 63
Gain: Poké Dollar2016


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Level Rarity How
Purrloin File:Choroneko BW Sprite.png Common Grass
Patrat File:Minezumi BW.png Common Grass
Munna File:Munna BW.png Uncommon Grass
Audino File:Audino BW Sprite.png Common Rustling Grass
Musharna File:Musharna BW.png 50 Rare Fridays (after completing main story)
Ariados File:Ariados BW Sprite.png Rare Dark Grass
Kricketune File:Kricketune BW sprite.png Rare Dark Grass
Ledian File:Ledian BW Sprite.png Rare Dark Grass
Liepard File:Leperasudu BW.png Common Dark Grass
Raticate File:Raticate BW Sprite.png Rare Dark Grass
Venomoth File:Venomoth BW Sprite.png Rare Dark Grass
Watchog File:Miruhog BW Sprite.png Common Dark Grass

Normal Grass

  • Munna
  • Patrat
  • Purrloin

Rustling Grass

  • Audino
  • Musharna

Dark Grass

  • Ariados
  • Kricketune
  • Ledian
  • Liepard
  • Munna
  • Musharna (Basement, Fridays only, has Telepathy ability)
  • Raticate
  • Venomoth
  • Watchog

Received as gift

  • Pansage - if starter was Tepig
  • Pansear - if starter was Oshawott
  • Panpour - if starter was Snivy



It first appeared "Dreams By The Yard Full!" It used to be a laboratory researching dreams, until an explosion by Musharna destroyed the labs and disappeared. It was later used by Team Rocket to harness Dream Smoke, but they were interupted by Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Fennel. Musharna then appeared and drove Team Rocket out of the Dreamyard.

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