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DreamDream is the third Japanese ending theme of the XY series.


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♪ Mirai no watashi ni wa donna iro ga niau?

Karafuru ni kimete issho ni tabeyo Wan tsuu surii

Yozora no nagareboshi negai wo sagasu kedo Mayotteru uchi no dokoka e kieteku no

Demo ne yatto mitsuketa n da Hontou no watashi ga mune ni tsumujikaze wo okosu

DoriDoriDoriimu Pawaa! DoriDori Pawaa!! Watashi-tachi → kiseki no chikara Doriimu Pawaa! DoriDori Pawaa!! Yume mita toki kara hajimaru no Egai datte namide datte ashita ni dekoreeshon! Sankyu! Kimi to futari Susume! Atarashii "daisuki" wo oikakete ♪

♪ What color suits the future me?

Let's choose a colorful palette and eat together One, two, three

There's a shooting star in the night sky, so I try thinking of a wish, But while I contemplate, it disappears off somewhere

Yet you see, I finally thought of ones; The true me stirs up a whirlwind inside my chest

DreaDreaDream Power! DreamDream Power!! We → the strenght of a miracle Dream Power! DreamDream Power!! It began the moment I started dreaming Smiling faces and tears are decorations for tomorrow! Thank you! The two of us, We'll move forward! We'll chase after a new "love" ♪


♪ Onna no ko wa nani de dekite ru no? Shitte ru??

Muteki no hohoemi + mugen no tokimeki ka na "Shiritai" no naka to ka "kudaranari" no tonari ni Ai to houseki wa kakurete ru mitai

Kyou mo dokidoki ga ippai Mata tsugi no tanoshii koto kimi to sagashi ni ikou

DoriDoriDoriimu Pawaa! DoriDori Pawaa!! Watashi-tachi akiramenai yo Doriimu Pawaa! DoriDori Pawaa!! Muchuu ni natte mucha shiyou Dakara fuan nante kasoku jii de fukitobashite shimae Ooiesu! Kimi ga ireba Isoge! Shinjiau kimochi mikata ni tsukete ♪

♪ Do you know what little girls are made of??

Is it unbeatable smiles + endlessly throbbing hearts? Inside an "I'm curious" or beside a "That's nonsense", There might be love and jewels hidden

Today is another day filled with excitement Let's go, you and me together, to search for even more fun things

DreaDreaDream Power! DreamDream Power!! We will never give up Dream Power! DreamDream Power!! We'll let it overwhelm us and go all out And just blast awat any nervousness with our G-force Oh yes! As long as you're there, We'll speed forward! We'll let our trust in each other aid us ♪

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