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DreamDream is the third Japanese ending theme of the XY series.


TV size

♪ Mirai no watashi ni wa donna iro ga niau?

Karafuru ni kimete issho ni tabeyo Wan tsuu surii

Yozora no nagareboshi negai wo sagasu kedo Mayotteru uchi no dokoka e kieteku no

Demo ne yatto mitsuketa n da Hontou no watashi ga mune ni tsumujikaze wo okosu

DoriDoriDoriimu Pawaa! DoriDori Pawaa!! Watashi-tachi → kiseki no chikara Doriimy Pawaa! DoriDori Pawaa!! Yume mita toki kara hajimaru no Egai datte namide datte ashita ni dekoreeshon! Sankyu! Kimi to futari Susume! Atarashii "daisuki" wo oikakete ♪

♪ What color suits the future me?

Let's choose a colorful palette and eat together One, two, three

There's a shooting star in the night sky, so I try thinking of a wish, But while I contemplate, it disappears off somewhere

Yet you see, I finally thought of ones; The true me stirs up a whirlwind inside my chest

DreaDreaDream Power! DreamDream Power!! We → the strenght of a miracle Dream Power! DreamDream Power!! It began the moment I started dreaming Smiling faces and tears are decorations for tomorrow! Thank you! The two of us, We'll move forward! We'll chase after a new "love" ♪

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