For the other variants of Druddigon belonging to Drayden, see Drayden's Druddigon.

This Druddigon is a dragon-type Pokémon owned by Drayden.


Drayden used Druddigon to battle Iris and her Fraxure. Druddigon used Dragon Tail which easily defeated Fraxure. Drayden then told Druddigon that it did a great job.[1] When there was a press conference held in Opelucid City, Druddigon was seen at Drayden's side. It also roared at the audience to silence them so Drayden could tell them about his annoucement.[2][3]

Drayden later used his Druddigon in his gym battle against Black and his Braviary. Druddigon grabbed Braviary's leg and threw it against the ceiling. Druddigon then used Dragon Rage while Braviary used Tailwind. Braviary wasn't able to catch up with Druddigon's speed and the battle lasted for thirty more minutes. Drayden wanted to finish the gym battle and Druddigon used Rock Climb which was able to injure Braviary badly. Drayden explained to Black that Druddigon was easily able to make tunnels due to its though skin. Braviary was able to stand up and used Air Slash. Druddigon dodged the attack but the attack hit a door which let a blizzard in. Druddigon froze on the spot and was defenseless when Braviary attacked. With that attack, Braviary was able to defeat Druddigon.[4]

Druddigon was seen battling Iris' Lapras when Iris remembered the battle while she was battling Black. Druddigon easily defeated Lapras.[5] Drayden lent his Druddigon to the MC to climb onto the roof to see the outcome of the battle between Black and Cheren.[6] Druddigon was later seen at Drayden's side to protect the civilians when N's castle appeared.[7] Druddigon was later seen at Drayden's side again when the battle between Black and N was over.[8]

Known movesEdit

Move Episode/Chapter
Drayden's Druddigon Dragon Tail Adventures
Dragon Tail School of Hard Knocks
Dragon Rage Hallway Hijinks
Rock Climb Hallway Hijinks
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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