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|type = dragon
|type = dragon
|name = Drake's Shelgon
|name = Drake's Shelgon
|japanese = Genji's Komoruu
|japanese = ゲンジのコモルー Genji's Komoruu
|image = Drake's Shelgon.png
|image = Drake Shelgon.png
|trainer = Drake
|trainer = Drake (anime){{!}}Drake
|gender = Male
|debut = [[AG101: Vanity Affair|Vanity Affair]]
|ability = Unknown
|caughtwhere = [[Meteor Falls]]
|debut = AG101: Vanity Affair!
|location = Training with Drake}}
|caughtwhere = Meteor Falls
This '''Shelgon''' is a {{Type|Dragon}}-type Pokémon that belongs to [[Elite Four]] member [[Drake (anime)|Drake]].
|location = Training with Drake
|episodesuntilevolved = Unknown}}
'''Drake's Shelgon''' is a Pokémon that belongs to [[Elite Four]] member [[Drake (Hoenn)|Drake]]. It was able to easily defeat [[Ash's Pikachu]], despite it's slowness.{{clear}}
Shelton first appeared to battle against [[Ash Ketchum|Ash]]. It easily defeated [[Ash's Pikachu|his Pikachu]], despite its slowness.
==Known moves==
==Known moves==
{{MoveBoxTop|image = Shelgon dragon claw.jpg|imageinfo = Dragon Claw|Type = dragon}}
{{MoveBoxTop|type=dragon|image=Drake Shelgon Dragon Claw.png|imageinfo=Dragon Claw}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Double-Edge|type = normal|AG101: Vanity Affair|othername = Vanity Affair}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Double-Edge|type=normal|AG101: Vanity Affair|othername=Vanity Affair}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Dragon Claw|type = dragon|AG101: Vanity Affair|othername = Vanity Affair}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Dragon Claw|type=dragon|AG101: Vanity Affair|othername=Vanity Affair}}
{{MoveBoxMid|DragonBreath|type = dragon|AG101: Vanity Affair|othername = Vanity Affair}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Dragon Breath|type=dragon|AG101: Vanity Affair|othername=Vanity Affair}}
{{MoveBoxEnd|Type = dragon}}
[[Category:Drake's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Character Pokémon]]
[[Category:Dragon Pokémon]]
Drake Shelgon Double-Edge.png|Using Double-Edge
Drake Shelgon Dragon Breath.png|Using Dragon Breath
[[Category:Dragon-type anime Pokémon]]
[[Category:Elite Four Members' Pokémon]]

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Drake's Shelgon
ゲンジのコモルー Genji's Komoruu
Drake Shelgon
Trainer: Drake
Debut: Vanity Affair
Caught where: Meteor Falls
Current location: Training with Drake

This Shelgon is a Dragon-type Pokémon that belongs to Elite Four member Drake.


Shelton first appeared to battle against Ash. It easily defeated his Pikachu, despite its slowness.

Known movesEdit

Move Episode
Drake Shelgon Dragon Claw
Double-Edge Vanity Affair
Dragon Claw Vanity Affair
Dragon Breath Vanity Affair
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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