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Dragon Village
800px-Dragon Village
Region: Unova
Debut: BW036

The Dragon Village is a anime exclusive location in Unova and is home to Iris and possibly Drayden. All trainers in the Dragon village are Dragon-type trainers and mostly have the ultimate goal of becoming a Dragon Master . The Dragon village hosts its own tournament, which was won by Iris and her Excadrill in Iris's childhood, and is also the home to the Dragon Village Elder that gave Iris her Axew.

According to Iris, all people of the Dragon Village have extra good eyesight. They possibly have good hearing too, since Iris's hearing seems excellent.

Apparently, people living in the Dragon Village are very close with Pokemon, especially Dragons. Iris used to play with wild Pokemon, and showed great understanding of Dragons when she helped Emmy , a trainer with a Druddigon .

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