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#REDIRECT [[Village of Dragons]]
|locationname = Dragon Village
|japanesenname = 竜の里 ''Village of Dragons''
|image = 800px-Dragon Village.png
|region = [[Unova]]
|debut = [[BW036: Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!|Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!]]
}}The '''Dragon Village''' is a anime-exclusive location in [[Unova]] that is [[Iris (anime)|Iris']] hometown, as well as the [[Elder (Dragon Village)|Elder]] that gave Iris [[Iris' Axew|her Axew]]. [[Pokémon Trainer|trainers]] in the Dragon Village are {{Type|Dragon}}-type trainers aspiring to become Dragon Masters.
The Dragon Village hosts its own battle tournament, which was won by Iris and her [[Iris' Excadrill|Excadrill]] sometime in her childhood.
The village is comprised of many wooden houses of various colors widely spread out, dirt paths connecting said houses, and two statues of [[Reshiram]] and [[Zekrom]] in the center of the village.
In Pokemon [[Pokemon Black 2|Black]] and [[Pokemon White 2|White 2]] the village is mentioned again in the [[Unova Link|Unova]]'s [[Unova Link#Memory Link|Memory Link]] as where Iris lived. Unlike the Anime however, a comment from Iris seems to indicate that the village is in [[Sinnoh]] and that Iris is not from Unova.
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