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[[Category:Key items]]
[[Category:Key items]]
[[Category:Generation V Items]]
[[Category:Generation V Items]]
[[Category:Generation V]]

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Dragon Skull
( ドラゴンのホネ Dragon Bone )
BW Dragon Skull
Buy For:
Poké DollarCannot be purchased
Sell For:
Poké DollarCannot be sold
No type

The Dragon Skull is a Key item in Pokémon Black and White. It's first seen in the museum part of Nacrene City Gym, where it is stolen by Team Plasma who believe it could be the key to reviving an ancient, legendary Dragon-type Pokémon. This turns out to be false however and, after being defeated in Pinwheel Forest, they give you the skull to return to Lenora. It appears to be the skull of a Dragonite.

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