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Dr. Yung is a character in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon.


Yung is the creator of the mirage system. He battled Misty using his Mirage Aggron. When he battled Ash Ketchum, the mirage system malfunctioned and was seemingly captured by Mirage Master. Professor Oak later reveals that Dr. Yung is Mirage Master. He disappears at the end of the special, however, without a trace.


Pokémon created through the mirage system

Mirage Mewtwo
Mirage Mewtwo *
Mirage Aggron
Mirage Aggron *
Mirage Aerodactyl
Mirage Aerodactyl (2x) *
Mirage Omastar
Mirage Omastar *
Mirage Kabutops
Mirage Kabutops *
Mirage Armaldo
Mirage Armaldo *
Mirage Kabuto
Mirage Kabuto *
Mirage Cradily
Mirage Cradily *
Mirage Anorith
Mirage Anorith *
Mirage Omanyte
Mirage Omanyte *
Mirage Lileep
Mirage Lileep *
Mirage Unown
Mirage Unown *
Mirage Entei
Mirage Entei *
Mirage Zapdos
Mirage Zapdos *
Mirage Articuno
Mirage Articuno *
Mirage Houndoom
Mirage Houndoom *
Mirage Absol
Mirage Absol *
Mirage Mightyena
Mirage Mightyena *
Mirage Machoke
Mirage Machoke *
Mirage Machamp
Mirage Machamp (2x) *
Mirage Ursaring
Mirage Ursaring *
Mirage Magnemite
Mirage Magnemite *
Mirage Arcanine
Mirage Arcanine *
Mirage Rayquaza
Mirage Rayquaza *
Mirage Tropius
Mirage Tropius (2x) *
Mirage Arbok
Mirage Arbok *
Mirage Walrein
Mirage Walrein *
Mirage Tyranitar
Mirage Tyranitar *
Mirage Onix
Mirage Onix *


Mirage Mew
Mirage Mew *


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