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Bark Dog is stupid!!!
|name = Dr. Namba
|image = 220px-Dr Namba.jpg
|jname = '''ナンバ博士''' ''Dr. Namba''
|age = 50+
|hometown = Unknown
|region = Johto
|family = Unknown
|class = Scientist and Member of [[Team Rocket]]
|friends = Unknown
|firstappear = ''The Mystery is History''
|voiceact = [[Jimmy Zoppi]] <small>(English)</small><br>
Ichirō Nagai <small>(Japanese)</small>
}}'''Dr. Namba''' works as a scientist in [[Team Rocket]]. He first appeared in Oaknapped, where he kidnapped [[Professor Oak]] to get more information about [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]], but Oak was rescued and his plan failed. He was trying to capture a [[Lugia]] in ''The Mystery is History'', ''A Parent Trapped'' and ''A Promise is a Promise'', but failed once more. He appeared in many other episodes assigning [[Butch]] and [[Cassidy]] their missions. A running gag with Dr. Namba was that others kept pronouncing his name incorrectly, which he greatly disliked.
{| border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" class="wikitable" style="text-align:center; width:100px;"
! style="text-align: center;"|Pokémon
| style="text-align: center; background:#FFE303;"|[[File:Electabuzz(Pt)Sprite.png]]
| style="text-align: center;"|[[Electabuzz]]
[[Category:Team Rocket]]
[[Category:Team Rocket]]
[[Category:Male Characters]]
[[Category:Male Characters]]

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Bark Dog is stupid!!!

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