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(アラタ Arata)
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Region: Unova
Friends: Ash, Iris, Cilan, Officer Jenny, Christie
First Appearance: BW038
Voice actor: Leah Clark (English)

Junko Takeuchi (Japanese)

Doyle (アラタ Arata) is a Pokémon Trainer whom made his debut in Where Did You Go, Audino?. He was solely behind the search effort to discover the whereabouts of the missing Audino with the assistance of Officer Jenny and Ash and his friends. He is also friends with Christie, but they are constantly seen bickering with one another. In the final confrontation with the real perpetrators, Team Rocket, Doyle used his Solosis to take on Jessie's Woobat and James' Yamask, ultimately ending in their defeat.


Doyle has a slightly opinion-fueled personality, in which he constantly asks others what he thinks of them. He is also very motivated, as shown when he searches endlessly for the Audino gone missing. Doyle has also displayed traits of analytical deduction, in which he suspects that the recent Audino disappearances are due to human intervention. Despite this, Doyle frequently argued with his friend Christie, and both would often compete with one another to find the Audino. Doyle is based upon Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a popular mystery author and the author of Sherlock Holmes.

Pokémon Information
Solosis is Doyle's only known Pokémon, and was used to assist in the search for the missing Audino. Solosis also used its Psychic to levitate Ash and his friends across a cliff face. It was later used in the fight against Team Rocket and their Pokémon. Solosis' Moves: Night Shade, Psychic and Confuse Ray

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