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Double Trouble is a song about Team Rocket. It is featured in Pikachu's Jukebox.


*music plays*

*Fancy* Jessie: To protect the world from devastation

James: To unite all peoples within our nation

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love.

James: To extend our reach to the stars above

Jessie: Jessie

James: James

Jessie: Team rocket blasts off at the speed of light

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight

Meowth: That's right

All: Team rocket's rockin'

?: Talkin' trouble walkin' trouble double trouble's gonna follow you

All: Team Rocket's Rockin'

?:Talkin' trouble Walkin' trouble big trouble double trouble's gonna follow you

All: Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!

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