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Machamp XY


  • Pokétch No: 18
  • Basic Info: "The Dot Artist app gives players free reign to their creativity."
  • Computer Info: "The Dot Artist lets you draw pictures in a mosaic style. Touching the same dot makes its color turn darker."


  • It is obtainable from the man in a house in Sunyshore City (requires Rock Climb) if you show him a Pokémon with Naive nature.
  • You must have the Calendar app.

Dot Artist 1


  • When you just received this app, the text 'Touch!' is found written at this app.
  • The dot (or square) is larger than Memo Pad app.
  • Touch the same dot to make its colour turn darker.
  • There are four different shades.
  • Unlike the Memo Pad app, the image drawn will stay permanently on this app.

Dot Artist 2

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