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Don George
(ドン・ジョージ Don George)
Don George
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Unova
Family: Other Don Georges
Class: Battle Club Leader
First Appearance: The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!
Voice actor: Marc Thompson (English)

Don George (Japanese:ドン・ジョージ Don George) is a character that first appeared in The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!. Like Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy, all of his family members look alike. Each Don George leads a Pokémon Battle Club in the Unova region, where they let trainers battle freely and teaches them new moves. In the Beta Art, a Don George was shown with an Umbreon that appears in BW004.



  • The Don George family has two things in common with the Joy and Jenny families:
    • They're all identical
    • They're all named Don George
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