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Don Battle is a tournament that is held in Raimon Town. It is hosted by the town's Don George and Takemitsu,
File:250px-Don Battle.png
and it took place between BW041-BW044. The winner gets a collection of every Wing.
File:200px-Iris Wings.png

Trainers who have participated in the Don Battle:

Pokemon Trainer Place Took
Iris Winner
Ash Ketchum Runner-up
Luke Top 4
Dino Top 4
Stephan Top 8
Cilan Top 8
Antonio Top 8
Georgia Top 8
Trip Top 16
Bianca Top 16
Sekimoto Top 16
Yoshihiko Top 16
Burgundy Top 16
Ibushi Top 16
Omega Top 16
Sanshiro Top 16

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