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Doctor Proctor
(ドクター・ドク Doctor Doc)
Dr. Proctor
Gender: Male
Region: Kanto
Friends: Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock
Class: Doctor
First Appearance: A Chansey Operation
Voice actor: David Brimmer(English)
Rikiya Koyama(Japanese)

Doctor Proctor is a character of Pokémon: Indigo League.


Season 1: Indigo League

Doctor Proctor was a lazy doctor of a hospital, though he did have Ash's Pikachu treated, discovering he ate a whole apple. Later, he had to treat more and more Pokémon (after a car accident), though went to sleep when a needle was injected after an accident of putting Dodrio to sleep. When he woke up, he explained Team Rocket that their Arbok and Weezing wouldn't attack Chansey, as she treated them. He offered Ash, Misty and Brock a chance to study medicine (since they did a good job of healing the Pokémon), but they refused and went on the journey.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
IL047 A Chansey Operation

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