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{{TrainerSpriteHeader|HeaderName = [[Generation V|Gen. V]] Male Battle Sprite}}
{{TrainerSpriteHeader|HeaderName = [[Generation V|Gen. V]] Battle Sprite}}
{{TrainerSpriteBody|ImageName = DoctorBWsprite.png}}
{{TrainerSpriteBody|ImageName = DoctorBWsprite.png}}

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Gen. V Battle Sprite

Doctor is a trainer class introduced in Generation V. They are young men wearing a doctor's uniform. They can heal your Pokémon fully after you defeat them and any time soon. Their female counterpart is a Nurse.



  • Doctors are found in many places that don't seem to fit them.
  • Doctors can only be challenged if you talk to them.
  • Due to the fact they can only be battle you if you talk to them, they are commonly missed throughout the game.
  • Some Doctors give you Max Revives if you defeat them.
  • If the Doctors are beaten in Black and White, they can heal your Pokémon in your party.
  • There are more Doctors than Nurses in Black and White, for there are 5 Doctors in the game.
  • The Doctor's hair looks very similar to Max's from the anime.

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