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Dive Ball
Buy: Poké Dollar 1000
Sell: Poké Dollar 500
First Appearance: Generation III
Catch Rate: 1xOn land

The Dive Ball (ダイブボール Dive Ball) is used for catching Pokémon found on the sea floor. It is best used on or under water. The entire ball is various shades blue except for the black horizontal band around the middle, and a white "cap" on the top of the ball in which the blue forms a gentle "wave" pattern around. It has a capture rate of 75% for Pokémon seen on the sea floor.

As of Generation IV, the Dive Ball is more effective on Pokémon found while surfing. This is because there are no underwater areas in the Sinnoh region.

Catch Rate

  • 3.5x if used while underwater
  • 3.5x if used while on water related area (HGSS only)
  • 1x other usage


RSE: Mossdeep City Poké Mart
DP PT: Pokémon News Press
HGSS: With the Pokéwalker: Beautiful Beach (5000+ Steps), Blue Lake (3500+ Steps)
BW: Undella Town Poké Mart.

Game Description

Name Effect
GS C This Poké Ball did not appear in Generation II.
RS E A ball that works better on Pokémon on the ocean floor.
FRLG A somewhat different Ball that works especially well on Pokémon deep in the sea.
PT/HGSS A somewhat different Poké Ball that works especially well on Pokémon that live in the sea.
BW A somewhat different Poké Ball that works especially well on Pokémon that live underwater.




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