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Grovyle Dimensional Scream

Grovyle portrayed through the Dimensional Scream.

The Dimensional Scream (時空の叫び Spacetime Scream) is an ability the main character possesses in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers series. It is first seen when the character touches an object and gets dizzy, then witnesses a vision. The name is first mentioned by Dusknoir, and then by Grovyle. It lays a main foundation into the game's discovery.

List of Screams observed in-game

  1. Occurred after picking up Azurill's apple. Vision: Blank, someone screaming "H-h-help!"
  2. Occurs after Drowzee bumps into player. Vision: Drowsee and Azurill at a mountainous area. Drowzee wants Azurill to do something, Azurill yells for help.
  3. Occurs after touching Waterfall Cave's waterfall entrance. Vision: A Pokemon (Guildmaster Wigglytuff) leaping through the waterfall and into the cave.
  4. Occurs after trying to pull out the large gem at the end of the cave. Vision: A Pokémon (the Guildmaster) pushing the gem and getting washed away by a stream of water.
  5. Occurs after touching the statue of Groudon at the end of Foggy Forest. Vision: Unknown
  6. Occurs immediately after the previous Scream. Vision: "Place the Drought Stone into Groudon's heart"
  7. Occurs after touching a crystal which Bidoof collected from Crystal Cave. Vision: Grovyle facing off against Azelf.


  • Apparently, the Dimensional Scream ability is incredibly rare, according to Dusknoir.
  • The dimensional scream is always possessed by the starter the player gets/chooses.
  • Only the user is shown in the game to possess the ability.
  • In the future, the dimensional scream only works in places close to the time gear.
  • In the present, it works on almost all conditions.
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