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(カルネ Carnet)
Game(s): X and Y
Preferred Type: ???
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Kalos
Debut Generation: VI
Class: Champion
Grand Duchess

Diantha is a character who appears in X and Y. She is an actress and also a Pokémon Trainer and the Champion of Kalos' Elite Four.


Mega Charm

Mega Charm

Diantha wears a fairy-like white outfit with lots of gold trim. She has short light brown hair, designed in a somewhat star pattern, light blue eyes, and violet eyeshadow. She equips a white choker and white long-sleeved blazer with lapels that possess large buttons and also a small collar, the blazer finished with three petal-like ends and the sleeves has two golden lines on the cuffs. Two lacy objects on the back of her outfit that resemble cloud-like wings that is likely to be connected to the blazer. She also wears a simple white shirt with two golden lines near the end of the shirt. Finishing her attire, she wears short white pants and low high heel boots with the color of white. She carries a pink purse and she wears a necklace called the Mega Charm which she uses to Mega Evolve her Gardevoir.


Diantha seems to be polite and classy. She talks formally, and is kind to the player character when they challenge her once more.



The first time the player encounters Diantha is in a scarlet-painted café in South Boulevard, accompanied by either Serena or Calem, where she can be seen chatting to Lysandre. Lysandre compliments Diantha of how well she portrayed a young girl on the silver screen; he then enquires whether she would like to remain young forever and always play such roles. Diantha then replies, saying about how unusual his question was. Lysandre next directly informs the player of Diantha's great acting.

As soon as Lysandre leaves the café, Diantha politely asks the player and the friend they are accompanied by who they are, which perfectly accentuates her sociable disposition. Diantha is not seen again until the very end of the game, where she is revealed to be the champion of the Kalos region.


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Diantha anime

Diantha in the anime.

Main article: Diantha (anime)

Diantha is a famous and renowned movie star. She is also the champion of Kalos. She seems to show more interest in her role as an actress however.


Diantha's Battle VS Scene in X and Y
XY VSDiantha


Pokémon League

Hawlucha XY
 Type Fighting Type Flying 
Tyrantrum XY
 Type Rock Type Dragon 
Aurorus XY
 Type Rock Type Ice 
Gourgeist XY
 Type Ghost Type Grass 
Goodra XY
 Type Dragon 
Gardevoir XY
 Type Psychic Type Fairy 
Lv. 64 Lv. 65 Lv. 65 Lv. 65 Lv. 66 Lv. 68
Ability: Limber Ability: Strong Jaw Ability: Refrigerate Ability: Pickup Ability: Sap Sipper Ability: Trace
Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: Gardevoirite
Swords Dance Head Smash Reflect Trick-or-Treat Dragon Pulse Psychic
Flying Press Dragon Claw Light Screen Phantom Force Fire Blast Moonblast
Poison Jab Earthquake Blizzard Seed Bomb Muddy Water Thunderbolt
X-Scissor Crunch Thunder Shadow Sneak Focus Blast Shadow Ball

Battle Chateau

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Magikarp XY


  • The "wings" on her model are flat 2D images.
  • She is the only Kalos league trainer whose signature Pokémon is not introduced in Generation VI.


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