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For the variant appearing in the games, see Lucas (game).
...why would I do something as silly as that? Escaping is just your opinion, right? I chose the course of action I thought is correct, you're always pushing me around, I wanted to say this before...You're not the boss of me!

-Diamond in Pokémon Adventures: Volume 33

Diamond, also known as Dia, is a character in Adventures who is also one of the Pokédex Holders of Sinnoh.


Diamond's appearance is very similar to the appearance of Lucas.


He is mostly joyful and is always seen to be happy-go-lucky. Though he may not look like it but he is mostly smart as shown many times just like when he was training in Iron Island. Though he does not get angry easily, he was pushed through his temper because of Pearl, but the two got back to being friends later after resolving it.


Diamond & Pearl arc

Apparently, Diamond knew all along that Platinum was not just a tour guide, though he kept it secret because he didn't want his friendship to be destroyed. After the course of time, the three continued to travel and apparently getting gym badges instead of climbing to Mt. Coronet. and became closer friends. Sometime after, their secret was revealed.

Platinum arc

As of this chapter, it is stated that both him and Pearl are trying to find the legendary Pokémon at Charon's notebook that he left during the ending of the Diamond and Pearl Chapter.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

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On hand

Lax *

Torterra manga
Tru *

Diamond's Don

Diamond's Kit
Kit *

Diamond's Moo
Moo *

Regigigas manga
Reg *

Diamond's Rotom
Rotom *


Fantina's Drifblim Adventures
Drifblim *

Chatler *

Dialga Adventures
Dialga *



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  • He is the only protagonist to permanently have a Legendary Pokémon in his party.
  • He likes eating food a lot like Lax.
  • Like Pearl, Diamond never battle any Gym Leaders.


Diamond & Pearl arc

Platinum arc

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