Mysterious Treasures
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Cards in set: JapanFlag 124 UnitedStatesFlag 131
Set: JapanFlag 33 UnitedStatesFlag 33
Release date: JapanFlag Mar-02-2007
UnitedStatesFlag Aug-22-2007
Icon: Mysterious Treasures Symbol

Mysterious Treasures (湖の秘密 Secret of the Lakes) was the second TCG expansion set of the Diamond and Pearl series. It was released on 02 March 2007 in Japan and 22 August 2007 in the US. This expansion set contains 131 cards in Japanese and 124 cards in English.


Seek new Pokémon and you shall find... Mysterious Treasures! In the new Pokémon Trading Card Game: Diamond & Pearl—Mysterious Treasures expansion, players will catch the next wave of brand-new Pokémon that no Trainer has ever caught before. In addition to some great new gameplay options like Pokémon with Berries, new Fossils, and more powerful Pokémon LV.X, Mysterious Treasures includes a parallel set with a brand-new holographic treatment! Pokémon TCG: Diamond & Pearl—Mysterious Treasures features more than 120 new cards and remains compatible with previous releases.

Card List

Name Type Rarity
1 Aggron Template:TCG/GRS TCG C
2 Alakazam Template:TCG/GRS TCG U
3 Ambipom Template:TCG/GRS TCG R
4 Azelf Template:TCG/GRS TCG C
5 Blissey Template:TCG/GRS TCG R
6 Bronzong Template:TCG/GRS TCG C
7 Celebi Template:TCG/GRS TCG U
8 Feraligatr Template:TCG/GRS TCG R
9 Garchomp Template:TCG/GRS TCG H
10 Honchkrow Template:TCG/GRS TCG C
11 Lumineon Template:TCG/GRS TCG U
12 Magmortar Template:TCG/GRS TCG H
13 Meganium Template:TCG/GRS TCG C
14 Mesprit Template:TCG/GRS TCG U
15 Raichu Template:TCG/GRS TCG C
16 Typhlosion Template:TCG/GRS TCG R
17 Tyranitar Template:TCG/GRS TCG C
18 Uxie Template:TCG/GRS TCG C
19 Abomasnow Template:TCG/GRS TCG Rare Holo EX
20 Ariados Template:TCG/FIR TCG C
21 Bastiodon Template:TCG/FIR TCG R
22 Chimecho Template:TCG/FIR TCG C
23 Crobat Template:TCG/FIR TCG U
24 Exeggutor Template:TCG/FIR TCG R
25 Glalie Template:TCG/FIR TCG C
26 Gyarados Template:TCG/FIR TCG U
27 Kricketune Template:TCG/FIR TCG U
28 Manectric Template:TCG/FIR TCG H
29 Mantine Template:TCG/FIR TCG Rare Holo EX
30 Mr. Mime Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
31 Nidoqueen Template:TCG/WTR TCG U
32 Ninetales Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
33 Rampardos Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
34 Slaking Template:TCG/WTR TCG U
35 Sudowoodo Template:TCG/WTR TCG R
36 Toxicroak Template:TCG/WTR TCG H
37 Unown I Template:TCG/WTR TCG R
38 Ursaring Template:TCG/WTR TCG Rare Holo EX
39 Walrein Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
40 Whiscash Template:TCG/WTR TCG U
41 Bayleef Template:TCG/WTR TCG R
42 Chingling Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
43 Cranidos Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
44 Croconaw Template:TCG/WTR TCG H
45 Dewgong Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
46 Dodrio Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
47 Dunsparce Template:TCG/WTR TCG U
48 Gabite Template:TCG/WTR TCG R
49 Girafarig Template:TCG/WTR TCG C
50 Golbat Template:TCG/WTR TCG H
51 Graveler Template:TCG/WTR TCG U
52 Happiny Template:TCG/WTR TCG R
53 Lairon Template:TCG/WTR TCG R
54 Magmar Template:TCG/WTR TCG Rare Holo EX
55 Masquerain Template:TCG/WTR TCG Rare Holo EX
56 Nidorina Template:TCG/WTR TCG H
57 Octillery Template:TCG/LIG TCG C
58 Parasect Template:TCG/LIG TCG U
59 Pupitar Template:TCG/LIG TCG C
60 Quilava Template:TCG/LIG TCG U
61 Sandslash Template:TCG/LIG TCG H
62 Sealeo Template:TCG/LIG TCG C
63 Shieldon Template:TCG/LIG TCG U
64 Tropius Template:TCG/LIG TCG R
65 Unown E Template:TCG/LIG TCG H
66 Unown M Template:TCG/PSY TCG C
67 Unown T Template:TCG/PSY TCG U
68 Vigoroth Template:TCG/PSY TCG U
69 Abra Template:TCG/PSY TCG R
70 Aipom Template:TCG/PSY TCG C
71 Aron Template:TCG/PSY TCG U
72 Barboach Template:TCG/PSY TCG R
73 Bidoof Template:TCG/PSY TCG R
74 Bronzor Template:TCG/FIG TCG C
75 Buizel Template:TCG/FIG TCG U
76 Chansey Template:TCG/FIG TCG R
77 Chikorita Template:TCG/FIG TCG H
78 Croagunk Template:TCG/FIG TCG C
79 Cyndaquil Template:TCG/FIG TCG C
80 Doduo Template:TCG/FIG TCG H
81 Electrike Template:TCG/FIG TCG R
82 Exeggcute Template:TCG/FIG TCG C
83 Finneon Template:TCG/FIG TCG C
84 Geodude Template:TCG/FIG TCG R
85 Gible Template:TCG/FIG TCG Rare Holo EX
86 Kricketot Template:TCG/FIG TCG Rare Holo EX
87 Larvitar Template:TCG/FIG TCG C
88 Magby Template:TCG/FIG TCG H
89 Magikarp Template:TCG/FIG TCG C
90 Murkrow Template:TCG/FIG TCG R
91 Nidoran♀ Template:TCG/DRK TCG Rare Holo EX
92 Paras Template:TCG/DRK TCG H
93 Pichu Template:TCG/MTL TCG Rare Holo EX
94 Pikachu Template:TCG/MTL TCG Rare Holo EX
95 Remoraid Template:TCG/MTL TCG R
96 Sandshrew Template:TCG/MTL TCG R
97 Seel Template:TCG/MTL TCG H
98 Shinx Template:TCG/MTL TCG C
99 Slakoth Template:TCG/MTL TCG U
100 Snorunt Template:TCG/MTL TCG H
101 Snover Template:TCG/FRY TCG U
102 Spheal Template:TCG/FRY TCG C
103 Spinarak Template:TCG/FRY TCG R
104 Surskit Template:TCG/FRY TCG H
105 Teddiursa Template:TCG/FRY TCG Rare Holo EX
106 Totodile Template:TCG/FRY TCG Rare Holo EX
107 Vulpix Template:TCG/DRG TCG R
108 Zubat Template:TCG/DRG TCG H
109 Bebe's Search Template:TCG/DRG TCG U
110 Dusk Ball Template:TCG/DRG TCG H
111 Fossil Excavator Template:TCG/CLR TCG C
112 Lake Boundary Template:TCG/CLR TCG U
113 Night Maintenance Template:TCG/CLR TCG C
114 Quick Ball Template:TCG/CLR TCG R
115 Team Galactic's Wager Template:TCG/CLR TCG C
116 Armor Fossil Template:TCG/CLR TCG C
117 Skull Fossil Template:TCG/CLR TCG U
118 Multi Energy Template:TCG/CLR TCG U
119 Darkness Energy Template:TCG/CLR TCG U
120 Metal Energy Template:TCG/CLR TCG U
121 Electivire LV.X Template:TCG/CLR TCG U
122 Lucario LV.X
123 Magmortar LV.X
124 Time-Space Distortion

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